The Challenge

The basis for globalization is Information Technology; it is your communication, management, and marketing tool. Integrating new technologies into your business increases the need for skilled labor to support those technologies. Ultimately, you need to properly optimize your IT system while balancing rising labor costs.

So, you might ask yourself…“How do I advance my business in a competitive global market while controlling cost?”

The Solution

Our team will analyze your needs vs. your capabilities and identify optimal solutions.  We implement proactive strategies and deliver enhanced products and services that will modernize your business.  If you have outsourced your datacenters consider outsourcing your FTEs.

ELAD-SI specializes in Managed IT Services, Technical Consulting, and IT Product Purchasing.

ELAD-SI Technical Consulting

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Information Architects

Project and Program Management

And More

Managed IT Services


Secure 24/7 – 365 Monitoring

Monthly Action Reports

Purchasing Options/Installation

Fixed Rates, Flexible Service

Does your organization comply with current federal cyber security standards?